Traditional to Digital Marketing Shift and The Future Ahead

digital marketing

Over the years, traditional marketing strategies have continued to evolve significantly. Traditional marketing has transformed from the days where newspaper and radio ads used to be the best and most effective ways of making sales to a more digital technique.

Today, various digital marketing strategies like social media marketing, email marketing, SEO, and many others have been taken over by the marketing and sales industry. Business owners have now been forced to adapt to the new order to remain profitable.

Today, social media and other advanced technology advertisers are always looking for new strategies to improve their marketing campaigns.

In this article, we will be looking at how several traditional marketing techniques have transformed into digital techniques and what the future of digital marketing holds.

Television Adverts

Years ago, TV advertisements used to be the main form of marketing. However, with the shift in technology, adverts have transformed from black and white to HD and the stage where television is being streamed from a computer.

Even more, there has been a change in the taste and style of consumers or before and those of now. While previously TV ads were focused on ensuring that consumers knew what they were actually watching an ad, today’s today’s ads have transformed into a more stimulating and mind-tickling thing.

Furthermore, unlike in the traditional marketing model where television ads were made to be longer and of less production quality, TV ads are now shorter and with better production quality.

Newspaper Adverts

Newspaper Adverts - digital marketing

Although many people think the print industry is gradually dying, newspapers were vital in achieving business and sales success some years ago. Newspaper adverts have remained one of the few traditional marketing techniques that have remained.

Although newspaper ads are a traditional marketing technique, they have also transformed to suit the current technology trends. Today, newspapers can be read not only as prints but directly from any phone or computer. 

Unlike in the traditional marketing technique, newspaper ads have transformed from having fewer words to making bold statements and more graphics.

Branding and Public Image 

Previously in traditional marketing, experts focused on analyzing companies’ public perception and then finding influencers to speak for and associate with the brand. That way, the company, and brand can build a strong following and trust.

In the digital marketing era, it is also similar; however, marketing experts now make use of social media influencers to promote and build trust for their brands and company.

Consumers are now bombarded with top-notch content continuously hence making marketers work harder. On the other hand, consumers are on the lookout for transparency from the brands and companies more than in the traditional marketing era.

Email Marketing

While email marketing was not part of the traditional marketing technique, it has become one of the most effective digital marketing techniques. 

Today, email lists have been valuable assets as they help companies reach out to millions of consumers anywhere in the world.

It is worth mentioning that gathering emails and creating meaningful and convincing content is not an easy task. As a matter of fact, lots of brands and companies offer incentives to consumers who subscribe to their mailing list in return for their email addresses.

Even though social media have reduced the impact of email marketing, it has remained effective and one of the easiest ways to reach consumers directly.

Social Media and Content Marketing

Social Media and Content Marketing - digital marketing

Today, content has become king for several companies. As brands and companies aim for search engine results, page ranking, content, and SEO have become important.

Social media have become vital in helping brands promote their content. As a result, they get to enjoy increased traffic and followership.

Additionally, brands and companies can also optimize their content to meet their specific targets. Content marketing supported by social media will increase a brand’s customer engagement and increase its traffic and brand image.

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