When do you Need to Consider a Personal Loan?

Personal Loan


A personal loan when acquired can be used for almost anything that you desire. However, some loan lenders may ask you what you desire to do with the money while others want to be sure that you have the resources to pay back. 

A personal loan is a viable option if you are in dire need of money to solve an issue even though they are inexpensive. Stay with us as we want to help you know when you need a Personal loan and if it’s the right loan offer for you. 

How Personal Loans Work 

Notably, some loans are earmarked to cater to a specific need or purchase. For instance, you can purchase a home using a mortgage, buy a car using an auto loan or even pay for college with a student loan, and so on. 

With a mortgage, your purchased home can stand as collateral. Likewise the auto loan for the car you’re purchasing. The car stands as the collateral. 

However, most personal loans have no collateral. As a result, it comes with a higher interest charge when compared to other forms of loans as the lender is taking a greater risk of lending money that has no guarantee of payback. 

Personal Loan

More so, the interest rate depends on different factors such as the credit score and debt-to-income ratio, and so much more. 

Some personal loans are secured as your bank account number, properties, or car can be used as collateral. The interesting thing about this type of loan is that it is easier to be qualified and it attracts a lesser interest charge when compared to unsecured loans. 

Failure to meet up with the payback time for a secured loan may lead to the loss of your collateral. Likewise, the unsecured loans, failure to make timely payments will affect your credit score and limit you from obtaining loans in the future. 

Uk credit Singapore makes personal loans available to you and regards payment history as the most essential factor when accounting for credit scores of clients for future purposes. Hence, it’s vital to make payments within the expected period. 

Also, they provide you with an installation period plan of up to 12 months with exciting rates that are affordable with payback terms. 

When to Consider a Personal Loan

Before you decide to go for the option of a personal loan, we advise that you consider if there are other less expensive ways you can borrow. Here are justified reasons for opting for personal loans: 

– You don’t have a credit card and you don’t meet the requirements to get one. 

– Your available credit limit on your credit card is not adequate to meet your needs. 

– Ensure that a personal loan is your least expensive lending option available. 

– You do not have any collateral to offer when loaning using commercial banking institutions. 

Personal Loan

 Also, you can consider a personal loan if you need to borrow money for an urgent need for a fairly short and well-defined period. Most personal loans run for just a short period of between 12 to 60 months depending on the lending company. Hence, we advise you should go for personal loans if you’re sure you’d make payments when expected. 


There are several other justifiable circumstances when you’d need a personal loan such as paying off other high-interest debts, paying for a major life event, improving your credit score for future purposes, financing for home improvement, paying back substantial balance on credit cards with high rates, and so many other reasons. 

Personal loans can be useful given the right circumstances. However, they don’t get acquired cheaply. Hence, we advise that you make sure it is the least expensive medium of getting money to meet an urgent need to avoid possible regrets afterward. 

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