5 Interior Design Tips – and Mistakes to Avoid

Interior Design Tips

Generally, designing your home or office can be a bit tricky as individual preferences differ, and there are several factors to consider in the process of creating a stylish space. It is not uncommon to make mistakes when carrying out any interior design task. However, there are several mistakes you can avoid.

Even more, your design process can be more straightforward if you know what to avoid and how to do things correctly. That said, in this article, you will learn interior design tips and mistakes to avoid. Although interior design companies like Eight Design can help you in designing your home or office space, if you choose to do the design yourself, then this article is for you.

Don’t use Over or Undersized Furniture

When designing your home or office space, ensure you avoid either oversized or undersized furniture. To prevent this, measure your available space before purchasing the table, as this will help you buy furniture that will fit in perfectly with the available space. 

Your ability to manage space helps you to not only maximize space but also make the room or office look stylish. While oversized furniture will make your space look small, undersized furniture will make your space look too big. Also, avoid pushing your furniture to the wall as it will make your room look bigger.


Color is one of the most important aspects of interior design. A lot of interior designers get stuck with the choice of color to use. Irrespective of your color preference, it is essential to play safe when blending the color of your furniture and walls.

You can incorporate color using throw pillows, rugs, textiles, artworks, accessories, or plants. More so, you can also add creativity to your decor by painting some part of your room, as it will not only add a unique touch to your space but will also change the overall outlook of your room or office.

Avoid Many Decor Items

temptations interior designers face is wanting to use too many decoration items

One of the temptations interior designers face is wanting to use too many decoration items. However, it is often advisable to limit the number of decor items used as simplicity is critical in creating elegant spaces. With interior decor, more is not often better.

Yes, there are those accessories that you won’t want to let go nonetheless to many of such accessories will make your office or room old-fashioned. We are not saying you should get rid of all your valuable antiques; however, you can box some of them and display others.

Avoid Open Storage

If you want to make your home or office space good-looking and stylish, you will need to avoid many open spaces. Spaces such as open shelves, baskets, and boxes should be properly closed to prevent them from looking unattractive. 

Although it could be a bit difficult to keep your storage items neat and organized always, we would recommend you use closed storage devices to keep them looking neat and organized. Open storage leaves your items open for everyone to see; closed storage will give you enough room to store more items.

Avoid Poor Lighting

In interior design, proper lighting can not be overemphasized as it plays a crucial role in design. Irrespective of how beautiful your design is, poor lighting can alter the aesthetic outlook of the room.

Like colors, you need to mix different lightings but in doing so, ensure the other lights used blend properly to bring out its beauty. Always layer your lighting with varying kinds of lights. However, before doing this, ensure you understand the different lights and their functions before doing so.

Some ideal lighting items for your include decor pendants, wall lamps, and floor lamps. Even more, accent lights help in not only making your room aesthetically beautiful but also help in illuminating room features, like artworks, fireplace, or photographs.

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