COVID-19 Rich & Poor Vaccine Divide Worsening – WHO Warning

COVID-19 Vaccine

The COVID-19 Vaccine divide between rich and poor nations is worsening day by day. WHO warns that the longer it takes to provide vaccines, tests, and treatments to all countries, the faster the virus will take hold

Rich countries could lose up to $4.5 trillion if they fail to ensure developing nations have access to vaccines.

On Monday 25th January 2021, WHO General Director Tedros Adhanom said, Vaccine nationalism could cost the global economy up to 9.2 trillion US dollars and almost half of that -$4.5 trillion dollars would be incurred in the wealthiest economies. Vaccine nationalism might serve short-term political goals but it is in every nation’s own medium and long-term economic interests to support vaccine equity. He also said that, a year ago today, fewer than 1500 cases of COVID-19 had been reported to WHO including just 20 cases outside china. This week, we expect to reach 100 million reported cases. source:

Vaccines are giving us hope, which is why every life we lose now is even more tragic. Tedros persuade people to maintain physical distancing, avoiding crowed, hand washing, wearing a mask, take care of hygiene, ventilation, and more
He said, “You might be sick of hearing it. You might be sick of doing it. But this virus is not sick of us”.

Coviod-19 Vaccine

Meanwhile WHO’s Emergencies Director Michael Ryan said that we obviously wish that everyone could be vaccinated but there is not enough vaccine right now to even serve those who are most at risk we should address all of these issues over time, He said, right now we are leaser focused on solving our biggest problem, which is Vaccinating health workers in all countries and allowing people who are vulnerable to dying from this infection to access vaccine He also said one diseases smallpox, had ever been killed so the accessibility of vaccine against COVID-19 did not cruel the disease can be wiped off the confront of the soil. The bar for success in reducing the capacity of viruses to kill, put people in hospitals and destroy our economic and social lives.

All rich or poor countries have to make honest efforts to save their people. There are dangerous signs that rising inequality might threaten the stability of the political system of nations. World Bank and other development institutions must be able to meet the needs of this inequality reduction challenge.

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